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Image Information

Image of M45, The Pleiades star cluster, by kind permission of Graham Pattison who acquired the image and provided the following information:

The Pleiades cluster has fasinated people for centeries. It's estimated more photographs have been taken of the Pleiades than any other stellar object. It's common name the seven sisters, expressed the approximate number of visible naked eye stars. Through a telescope several hundred objects lie within 1 degree of the brightess 2.9 magnitute Alcyone (lower left bright star). It is faily easy for amateurs to photograph traces of the whispy nebulosity within the cluster. Because of its low surface brightness the nebulosity is hard to observe visually.

The cluster in low powered 7x50 binoculars is one of the finest sights in the heavens. In larger telescopes the Pleiades is disappointing since only part can be observed.

Image acquired UT 11:47 Sept 2 1994 using a ST-6 CCD camera with specially built filter wheel, imaged for 60sec in red, 90 sec in green and 2x120sec images in blue. Combined together with Photoshop to form this tri color image. Optics: a Televue Genesis 4" f5.4 scope mounted on a Losmandy GM8 GEM. Photo copyright 1996 Graham G. Pattison