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Aasland Images of Comet Hale-Bopp


aas33_s.jpg39K aas34_s.jpg48K aas35_s.jpg41K
Observer: Jarle Aasland
Location: Stavanger, Norway
Date: April 5, 1997 20:53-21:13 UT

First image: Saturday, April 5 1997: Almost perfect conditions, but very cold and windy. Apparently, many people used this weekend-opportunity to get an excellent view of the comet. One person at this scene commented that this was the first night in a month with a clear sky. Not entirely correct, but the changing and bad weather has been somewhat frustrating over here. Fuji 800, 28mm f/2.0, 15 seconds.

Second image: Fuji 800, 50mm f/1.8, 15 seconds.

Third image: April 5, 1997: For the first time, I used black and white film to photograph Hale-Bopp. Being almost the only option some years ago, black and white is now used by fewer and fewer astrophotographers. This image is scanned from a manually copied print. The result is okay, but I'll use color next time...Neopan 400, 85mm f/2.0, 15 seconds.


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