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Vodniza/Alonso Images of Comet Hale-Bopp


alonso141_s.jpg3K alonso142.jpg3K
Observers: Alberto Quijano Vodniza, Jose Alonso
Location: Mayaguez, Puerto Rico
Date: April 8, 1997 00:00:05 UT

The first image was taken with a ST-6 CCD camera through a 5 inch, F10 reflector. 1.0 sec exposure. The Observatory is part of the University of Puerto Rico, located in the city of Mayaguez, western coast of Puerto Rico ( lat 18 N, long 67 W ). The field of view is 23.1 X 17.4 arc min.

The second images is in false color and color was processed with MIRA software.

Alberto Quijano Vodniza

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