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Alonzi Images of Comet Hale-Bopp


alonzi15_s.jpg12K alonzi16_s.jpg12K alonzi17_s.jpg16K alonzi18_s.jpg13K
Observer: Rett Alonzi
Location: Powell Observatory, Louisburg, Kansas
Date: May 3, 1997

1. 50 mm, f2, 20 second exposure on Kodak 400 Gold film. Our Kansas City Astronomical Society built this 20 foot domed Powell Observatory, which is located in Louisburg, Kansas. It houses a computerized, user friendly, 30", f5, Newtonian Reflector, which was also built by club members. After sunset, the crowds were still arriving for another popular public viewing night.

2. 50 mm, f2, with three 20 second multiple exposures on Kodak 400 Gold film. Exposures were taken 7 minutes apart, showing the path the Comet takes setting in the Western sky.

3. 50 mm, f2, with a 20 second exposure on Kodak 400 Gold film. As the Comet Hale-Bopp set low in the West, the slit of the dome rotated around with the red lights on inside. The Comet appeared to be right in front of the 30" telescope.

4. 50 mm, f2, 20 second exposure on Kodak 400 Gold film. It looks like a neon sighn, but during the exposure, I used a laser to write this on the dome.

Rett Alonzi

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