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Griffin Images of Comet Hale-Bopp


ampo220_s.jpg36K ampo221_s.jpg62K
Observer: Ian Griffin
Location: Astronaut Memorial Planetarium & Observatory, Cocoa, Florida
Date: September 18, 1997 09:40-10:10 UT

1. 31 separate 40 second images of Hale Bopp have been flat fielded and combined to create this image. The image was obtained using a 12 inch Maksutov with 1524mm focal length and no filter. Image is 31.1 by 20.7 arc minutes. This is an integrated white light image. First image started at 05:40 EST with the last image started at 06:10. Stars look trailed in this composite image, since it was effectively guided on the comet's motion

2. The original composite image has been logarithmically scaled and false-colorized to reveal structure using Mira. Note the linear features.

Ian Griffin

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