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Bussola Images of Comet Hale-Bopp


buss16_s.jpg35K buss17_s.jpg75K buss18_s.jpg69K
Observer: Paolo Bussola
Location: Prada Alta, Monte Baldo, Italy
Date: April 30, 1997 19:00-19:30 UT

In Italy we begin to say goodbye to the Great Comet. It appears very low at the beginning of the night. So we have a few minutes to get shots in the dark. This evening, after a thunderstorm that cleared the sky, I saw the Comet setting with a reddish colour, like the sunset. All images taken with Scotch Chrome 800-3200P.

First image: 50 mm lens at f4, 20 seconds exposure, time 19:00 UT.
Second image: 85 mm lens at f4, 3 minutes exposure, time 19:25 UT.
Third image: 400 mm lens at f5.6, 6 minutes exposure, time 19:30 UT.

Paolo Bussola

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