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Campitelli Images of Comet Hale-Bopp


camp10_s.jpg50K camp12_s.jpg67K
Observer: Nick Campitelli
Location: Crabtree, Pennsylvania
Date: March 28, 1997 00:43, 01:23 UT

Here are some more photos I took on March 27. All photos were taken using a barn-door tracker. Some shake is noticable due to the heavy lens.

Image 1
Time:     7:43 PM
Film:     Fuji Super G 800 plus
Lens:     50mm at f/4
Exposure: apprx. 10 min.

Image 2
Time:      8:23pm
Film:      Fuji Super G 800 plus
Lens:      300mm at f/4
Exposure:  apprx. 3 min.     

Nick Campitelli

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