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Cecile Image of Comet Hale-Bopp


Observer: Mike Cecile
Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Date: March 24, 1997

Hale-Bopp on March 24/97. 400 ASA Kodakrome, 50 mm lens, f1.8, 2 minute exposure. View across railway right of way (line of trees foreground) toward Scenic acres a suburb of Calgary Alberta Canada. Line left of Hale Bopp was a jet crossing the frame and I purposely opened the shutter to get the jet. The other lines were accidental. While the shutter was open a car on the northside of the railway turned towards the tracks and parked with its lights impinging obliquely on the exposed curved camera lens. When the driver saw I was taking pictures he backed up and left in the direction he arrived. My interpretation of the light-lines is this. Of the three strong ones, the pale red one is a tail light, the two dotted yellow ones are the two headlights. The curved lines are the product of light refracting in off the curved lens and as the car moved in and out . There are also ghost images of the same lights (fainter lines). I cannot explain however why the yellow lights are dashed? Maybe there was a snow fence in front of the main headlights (snow fence is like a picket fence)? Does this make sense?

Mike Cecile

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