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Cichocki Imagex of Comet Hale-Bopp


cic8_s.jpg21K cic9_s.jpg26K cic10_s.jpg31K cic11_s.jpg47K
Observer: Paul Cichocki
Location: Rhyolite, Nevada
Date: April 13, 1997 04:15-05:55 UT

Lightpainting used throughout all 4 images. Minolta X570 35 mm camera, Fuji Super G Plus 800 asa print film.

Rhyolite is 115 miles north of Las Vegas, Nevada, USA --4 miles from Beatty, Nevada on the road to Death Valley- it was an old mining town in the late 1890's-early 1900's, The large building with broken down walls was the Town Bank, and the Chrome Object in the one picture is an local artist's work called "Desert Flower" The weather was very windy and cold..but the shoot was fun and a success as you can see!

Paul Cichocki

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