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Cichocki Images of Comet Hale-Bopp


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Observer: Paul Cichocki
Location: Mount Charleston, Nevada
Date: April 24, 1997 09:15, 09:40 UT

I shot the first image of the comet with a 50 mm lens set at f2.4 for aprox. 40 seconds....I count off in my it's approximate. The weather has finally cleared up here enough to get a few clear nights...the wind is blowing hard shearing the clouds along the lower right hand sky portion. The joshua trees and yucca plants were lit using a standard video camera light with colored gels held over the light. The moon has not yet risen so the sky was relatively dark considering I was only 6 miles from Las Vegas here in this shot.

The second image is from further up the mountain foothills along the road leading to the Mount Charleston Lodge and Ski resort.......there is a small town up there...and some great hiking trails.....the peak is home to the worlds largest bristlecone pine forest and home to several species of plants and animals that are only indiginous to this mountain. There are other places that have similar rare plants and respect the great outdoors...there's only one of them! Taken with a 35 mm minolta camera, tripod, cable release, camera set at bulb, 50 mm lens set at f2.4, and I lit the tree a little on the right side using my usual gel and video light.

Paul Cichocki

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