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Cichocki Images of Comet Hale-Bopp


cic29_s.jpg39K cic30_s.jpg29K
Observer: Paul Cichocki
Location: Goodsprings, Nevada
Date: May 2, 1997

These images were taken in Goodsprings, Nevada...approximately 35 minutes on the freeway south of Las Vegas....there was partial cloud cover earlier this night...and I accidently used my Minolta 35 mm camera and a 28 mm the comet is small in these views.....the headlights are lightpainted in using my video camera light and colored gels...f 2.4 was used so the old cadillac came out fuzzy and out of focus looking.....can't win em' all! If I had used a smaller f stop (f 5.6 - f 8. or so) the comet might not have showed up at all...and the car would have been in focus along with backround stars.

Paul Cichocki

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