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Cochran Images of Comet Hale-Bopp


coch2_s.jpg26K coch3_s.jpg43K coch4_s.jpg26K
Observer: Darrell Cochran
Location: Mathias, West Virginia
Date: April 27, 1997 01:40-03:00 UT

1. Date & Time: April 27, 1997 0140 UT Exposure: Ricoh Xr2, 70-210 lens on 70mm @ f4, Fuji SuperG 800 ~45 seconds. The comet has just risen out of the sunset and is playing hide-and-seek in the clouds.

2. Date & Time: April 27, 1997, 0200 UT Exposure: Ricoh Xr2, 50mm lens @ f1.4, Fuji SuperG 800 ~ 20 seconds. On the grounds of the Mathias Homestead, with the comet just visible through the trees in the far background. The front of the cabin is floodlit by a bank sign to the left of the frame.

3. Date & Time: April 27, 1997, 0300 UT Exposure: Ricoh Xr2, 105mm lens @ f4.5, Fuji SuperG 800 ~45-60 seconds on a fixed tripod. Hale-Bopp appears to hover in the clouds just above South Branch Mountain. The reddish glow to the right of the frame are the reflection of the lights of the town of Moorefield, 20 miles away.

Darrell Cochran

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