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Comolli Images of Comet Hale-Bopp


como16_s.jpg75K como17_s.jpg45K
Observer: Lorenzo Comolli
Location: Mount S. Martino, Italy
Date: April 30, 1997 20:20, 20:30 UT

Location: mount S. Martino, near Varese, ITALY (1087 meter a.s.l.)

1. 30 sec exposure, Scotch Chrome 3200 ISO, 55 mm (f/2.8)

2. 2 min exposure, Scotch Chrome 3200 ISO, 200 mm (f/3.5)

The comet is now very low in the sky: the head is partially hyded by a tree. About three filaments are visible in the ion tail. But the total luminosity of the ion tail is very low, respect of the dust tail.

Lorenzo Comolli

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