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DuBrall Images of Comet Hale-Bopp


dub8_s.jpg33K dub9_s.jpg30K
Observer: Bob DuBrall
Location: Saguaro National Park, Arizona
Date: April 25, 1997 02:00 UT

These shots were taken April 25 at approximately 02:00UT, west of Tucson, Arizona.

Photo #1 is a 60 second exposure, 50mm, F2.8 on Fuji 800. The mountain tops are illuminated by Tucson city lights.

Photo #2 is a 30 second exposure, 50mm, F2.8 on Fuji 800. It was taken at the same location (Saguaro National Park) as the silhouette image taken the night before (see April 24 image). However, on this shot I strobed the cactus.

Bob DuBrall

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