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Euregio Public Observatory Image of Comet Hale-Bopp


Observers: Romke Schievink, Carl Johannink
Location: Euregio Public Observatory, Lattrop (Twente), The Netherlands
Date: April 3, 1997 20:14-20:50 UT

We are very proud to present this wonderfull composite photo of comet Hale-Bopp made by Romke Schievink and Carl Johannink. Note the superfine details in the blue gastail!

This "best of this website" picture of Hale-Bopp has been made at the Euregio Public Observatory (EPS) at Lattrop (Twente) near the German border in the far east of the Netherlands

This "close-up" of Hale-Bopp is a composition of three separate images. Exposure time of the first image (head) is 4 minutes, the exposuretime of the second image is 6 minutes and the exposuretime of the third image is 8 minutes (note the larger number of stars visible on this part of the composition).

Optics: flatfield camera 475mm/f3.8 Film: Fujicolor super G plus.

Date: the extraordinairy ink black polar nightsky on thursday april 3, 1997 Exposuretime head: 20.14.00 - 20.18.00 UT; 2e part: 20.19.45 - 20.27.47 UT; 3e part: 20.41.10 - 20.50.10 UT

Casper ter Kuile

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