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Field Image of Comet Hale-Bopp


Observer: Gary Field
Location: Halibut Point, Rockport, Massachusetts
Date: April 4, 1997 01:00-02:00 UT

This Hale-Bopp picture was taken from Halibut Point, Rockport, MA on April 3, 1997 between 8 and 10 PM EST (0100-0200 UTC), using Kodak Royal Gold 1000 film in a Pentax K1000 35 mm camera with a 85 to 210 mm f/4.5 zoom lens piggy backed onto a Meade 2045 telescope driven by a 12V drive corrector. The sky was moderately dark and it was about 30 deg F with a 15-20 MPH wind. The exposure was: 5 min. @ 210 mm

Photo by: Gary Field (

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