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Filion Images of Comet Hale-Bopp


filion6_s.jpg43K filion7_s.jpg36K
Observer: Jean-Luc Filion
Location: 55 miles North of Montreal, QC, Canada
Date: April 27, 1997 01:30-01:45 UT

1- Canon FTB camera equipped with a 50mm F1.8 lens. Exposure time was 2 minutes 30 seconds on Kodak Royal Gold 1000 film. The camera was mounted on an equatorial platform with a stepper motor. Note the faint NGC1499 "California" nebula on center of frame and the Pleiades cluster below the comet.

2- 200mm F3.3 telephoto lens using the same setup as above. Exposure time: 4 minutes.

Jean-Luc Filion

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