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Flores Images of Comet Hale-Bopp


flores2_s.jpg35K flores3_s.jpg34K flores4_s.jpg25K
Observer: Tom Flores
Location: Memorial Bridge, Washington, DC
Date: April 20, 1997 00:15 UT

1. I took this one very quickly. I had dinner guest waiting and my wife was not thrilled that I ran out of the house to the local park to snap this. White border on left was caused during scanning. You can see a jet taking off from Dulles Airport at bottom of frame. Used Kodak 1000 with a 75-100 mm lens set wide for 8 seconds. Glare is city light.

2. Another at Memorial Bridge. Close-up of horses head on Valor statue. 3. Close-up of head of rider in Valor statue.

Tom Flores, Sr

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