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Forrest Images of Comet Hale-Bopp


forr23_s.jpg34K forr24_s.jpg30K forr25_s.jpg22K
Observer: Tim Forrest
Location: Croatan National Forest, Newport, North Carolina
Date: April 30, 1997 00:30-01:12 UT

1. 0030 UTC. 25 seconds 135mm f2.8 KODAK Royal Gold 1000. Comet Hale-Bopp over the Croatan National Forest in Newport, NC.

2. 0110 UTC. 35 seconds 50mm f 2.0 KODAK Royal Gold 1000. Comet set over Croatan National Forest reflects in Broad Creek, Newport, NC. Conditions were very clear down to the horizon ( unusual for this W/NW horizon) with winds SW at 15mph. The tiny turquoise dots seen in the tree line below the comet but above the creek are "lighning bugs". There were many of them flittering about this evening.

3. 0112 UTC. 25 seconds 135mm f 2.8 KODAK Royal Gold 1000. Comet set Croatan Natonal Forest opposite bank of Broad Creek in Newport, NC. Note again the "fire flys" in the tree line below and to the right of the comet(turquoise specks.) As with the comet rises seen in February and March, the orange dust tail is most prominent when observing the comet close to the horizon through 100 miles of atmosphere.

Tim Forrest

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