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Forrest Images of Comet Hale-Bopp


forr31_s.jpg43K forr32_s.jpg23K
Observer: Tim Forrest
Location: Cedar Island National Wildlife Refuge, North Carolina
Date: May 7, 1997 01:30, 01:50 UT

1. 0130 UTC 50 mm f 2.0 35 seconds KODAK Royal Gold 1000. This is the last night for dark skies and comet Hale-Bopp. I drove 50 miles to get to the Cedar Island National Wildlife Refuge, Hiway 12 Cedar Island, NC to get to the darkest skies in our area. The pictures were taken up hiway 12 about two miles from the Thorofare Bay bridge. Low clouds hindered visibility and reflected much of the light from the South River community across the Long Bay, the marsh and the South River. The arching tail was about 20 degrees. Magnitude about +0.2

2. 0150 UTC 135mm f 2.8 25 seconds KODAK Royal Gold 1000. The channel marker lights in West Thorofare Bay, and lightning bugs (aka fire flies or glow worms)in the marsh grass between me and the bay, underscore The Great Comet of 1997. The lighning bugs can be seen in the previous 50mm image as well. The are the tiny florescent green specks in the dark area below the red channel marker lights in both pictures. (The mosquitoes were BIG this night as well!)

Tim Forrest

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