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Forrest Images of Comet Hale-Bopp


forr33_s.jpg19K forr34_s.jpg20K forr35_s.jpg19K
Observer: Tim Forrest
Location: Emerald Isle, North Carolina
Date: May 14, 1997 01:10-01:20 UT

1. 0110 UTC 135mm f 2.8 KODAK Royal Gold 1000. Good-bye to the Great Comet of 1997 (northern hemisphere.) From 15th street north, Emerald Isle, NC. After imaging this comet since November '96 it seems undramatic now but still a naked eye wonder even in fading twilight and waxing moonlight.

2. 0114 UTC 50mm f 2.0 KODAK Royal Gold 1000 35 seconds. A new location was in order with the changing attitude of the comet. Looking across Bogue Sound toward the community of Cape Carteret from Bogue Banks on 15th street north Emerald Isle, NC.

3. 0120 UTC 135mm f2.8 30 seconds KODAK Royal Gold 1000. C/1995O1 Comet Hale-Bopp fading away over Cape Carteret, NC across the Bogue Sound from Emerald Isle, NC.

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