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Gibbs/Matesich Images of Comet Hale-Bopp


gibbs1.jpg20K gibbs2.jpg25K
Observers: Alex Gibbs, Ken Matesich
Location: Tucson Mountain Park, Arizona
Date: May 22, 1997 03:15 UT

Hale-Bopp was barely visible for 20 minutes, during twilight, before it set. In this shot it is only 4.5 degrees above the horizon. North is to the right and the horizon is below the 5.5 magnitude star (35 Orion). Image cropped to about .5 by .36 degrees. 8 inch f/10 SCT at prime focus. 1 minute on Fuji SG+ 800, pushed 1 stop. Average sky color was digitally subtracted. Since the comet was so low it lost blue and appeared somewhat orange. Vertical band is from processing or emulsion.

1. Equal gamma correction on all colors.

2. Red only, to pickup reddened, setting objects. Enhanced.

Alex Gibbs,
Ken Matesich,

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