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Hardesty Images of Comet Hale-Bopp


hard1_s.jpg86K hard2_s.jpg36K
Observer: Steve Hardesty
Location: Joshua Tree National Monument, California
Date: March 29, 1997 20:15

1. I took this image while out at Joshua Tree National monument on March 29th, 1997. It was taken with a Minolta X700 on tripod using Fuji 400G color print film. Exposure was taken at about 2015 on the date above. Exposure time was 1 minute 10 seconds.

2. This one was taken through a Orion Short Yube Rich Field Refractor piggy backed on my Meade 2120 LX-5. Exposure time for this shot was 3 minutes. The original has way more details in the tail showing both tails. Camera used was a Minolta X700, Film was Fuji 400G Color Print film!

Steve Hardesty

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