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Hutchinson Images of Comet Hale-Bopp


hutch15_s.jpg39K hutch16_s.jpg51K
Observer: Bill Hutchinson
Location: Kenai National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska
Date: March 29, 1997 05:00 UT

First image: the sun still silhouettes the mountains at 10PM in Alaska. The comet points to the divide between the Alaskan and Aleutian mountain ranges across Cook Inlet. How many constellations and stars can you name here? Nikon N90 20mm at f2.8, 30 second exposure on Fuji 400HG.

Second image: the Russian Orthodox Church of Ninilchik is a favorite subject of many a photographer. On this very clear and dark night of the 28th, the Andromeda Galaxy is clearly visible below Hale-Bopp and to the left of the right side cupola. Nikon N90 50mm at f2.0, 25 second exposure on Fuji 400HG.

All photos Copyright the Kenai Peninsula Eagle Press

Bill Hutchinson

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