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Hutchinson Images of Comet Hale-Bopp


hutch18_s.jpg63K hutch19_s.jpg47K
Observer: Bill Hutchinson
Location: Kenai National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska
Date: March 31, 1997 07:00 UT

First image: My 7 year old daughter helps me a lot on my trips around town to shoot the comet. Easter night she and I took our own picture on our back deck. Nikon N90 50mm at f2.8, 25 second exposure on Fuji 400HG using a rear curtain synch flash of 1/64th power.

Second image: A satellite passed in front of the comet at around 10PM March 30th (7AM UT the 31st). I wonder if anyone seeing this knows what satellite it was. We are at 60:29N 151:03W. Nikon N90 180mm at f2.8, 2 minute exposure on Fuji 400HG using homemade haig mount.

Bill Hutchinson

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