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Hutchinson Images of Comet Hale-Bopp


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Observer: Bill Hutchinson
Location: Kenai National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska
Date: April 27, 1997 09:00 UT

1. Now that the negative effect of moonlight is passed we have another uncompromising fact of nature to deal with. In our northern latitudes the sun's glow lights the horizon nearly all night. This shot taken close to 1:00AM April 27th demonstrates our predicament. Nikon N2020 50mm lens at f 2.0 20 seconds on Fuji 400 HG.

2. In January and February I bragged about the advantages of our long dark nights in Alaska. Today the opposite is true. Even near 1:00AM local time the skies are too bright for a clear view of Hale-Bopp's ion tail. Another new development this week was that the comet, at less than 30 degrees declination, set below the horizon for the first time since mid February. For we Alaskans the show is nearly over and views like the one captured in this picture will be left to our memories and our photographs. Nikon N2020 180mm lens at f 28 1 minute on Fuji 400 HG.

Bill Hutchinson

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