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Comet Hyakutake Animation


red_dot.gif Comet Hyakutake Animation(1.3 MB AVI Zipped File)

This video of comet Hyakutake is composed of one hundred and eleven 5 second exposures in sequence. The exposures were made at one minute intervals with the first taken on 03/23/1996 at 06:24:26 UT, The last exposure was taken at 03/23/1996 08:05:05 UT. This video was aired by most of the national news networks; but, has been reduced in file size and Zipped for presentation on the internet.

The video was imaged and produced by Tim Puckett and Tybee Evans of Villa Rica, Ga.

The file is an AVI, so unzip and view..

Puckett Observatory
2854 N. Mckoy Rd.
Villa Rica, Ga.

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