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Bastien Image of Comet 1996 B2 Hyakutake


Observer: Bernard Bastien
Location: Parc de la Jacques-Cartier, Quebic City, Canada
Date: March 29, 1996 08:30 UT

Observer:    Bernard Bastien  (
Location:    Parc de la Jacques-Cartier
             (approx 35 km north of Quebec City, QC, Canada)
Date:        March 29, 1996 3:30 (local time)
Film:        Fujicolor 400 Super G
Exposition:  approx. 2 minutes
Temperature: approx -12 Celsius
Equipment:   Pentax P30N, 28-80mm f/3.5 lens (at 28 mm), tripod.

This is a part of a photo that was scanned using a Sharp 600 DPI 24-bit scanner, having brightness and contrast enhanced using Aldus PhotoStyler. I cropped the resulting picture to get only the comet.

That was maybe the last night where a good picture could be taken using only static tripod, because increasing interference from the moon and comet decreasing brightness occurring for following nights. I observed a tail length of a half-dozen of degrees. But the results are still impressive to me so I make this picture freely available on the web. I only ask to identify the source (my name and my e-mail address) if someone use it.

Bernard Bastien

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