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Cidadao Images of Comet 1996 B2 Hyakutake


Observer: Antonio Jose Cidadao
Location: Oeiras, Portugal
Date: March 28, 1996 22:31 UT

Notes: Comet 1996B2; 16 images of 5 sec. each were averaged after an 
       appropriate shift in order to align the nuclear condensation. 

       Original images were obtained with a 135mm (f/1.8) telephoto lens
       and a SBIG ST6 CCD camera, piggy-back mounted on a 10" LX200. 
       Images from left to right represent a linear stretch, a log 
       processing, and the result of subtracting a blurred log image from
       the log itself. This last processing clearly shows jets originating 
       from the nuclear condensation. In the second picture the "tail" jet
       is apparently separated from the nuclear condensation (a result of 
       the reported nuclear fragmentation?)

       Member of A.P.A.A. (Associacao Portuguesa de Astronomos Amadores)

Date: 03/28/96 (from 22h31min UT to 22h47min UT)

Site: Oeiras, Portugal ("roof-top" observatory)

Image Proc. Software: CCDOPS; PhotoShop

Antonio Jose Cidadao

Rua D. Antonio Luis de Menezes, No9, 3A,         phone: +351-1-4412192
S. Juliao da Barra, Oeiras,
2780 Oeiras
PORTUGAL                                         e-mail:

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