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Crni Vrh Observatory Images of Comet 1996 B2 Hyakutake



Observer: Herman Mikuz
Location: Crni Vrh Observatory, Slovenia
Date: March 6, 1996 03:37 UT, 03:48 UT

Hyakutake (1996 B2)

These March 6th images of Hyakutake were taken in broad moonlight!

Latest close-up view of comet, recorded in the light of singly-ionized water ions. It was taken on 1996 Mar. 6, with the 36-cm, f/6.8 S-C telescope, CCD and narrow-band H2O+ filter, centered at 620nm (FWHM=10nm). Exposure time was 5 minutes, starting at 3:37:09UT. Note the faint wavy ion tail, extending to NW direction.The colors on this and all subsequent images are false and were used in order to enhance the comet tail structure.

Take a look to another R-band image, taken on 1996 Mar. 6, with the 20-cm, f/2 Baker-Schmidt camera and ST-6 CCD. Exposure started at 3:47:42UT.

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