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Crni Vrh Observatory Images of Comet 1996 B2 Hyakutake




Observer: Herman Mikuz
Location: Crni Vrh Observatory, Slovenia
Date: March 19, 1996 02:07 UT, 02:39 UT

New images of comet Hyakutake (1996 B2)

Two images were taken on 1996 Mar. 19 from the Crni Vrh Observatory station at Miren in rather poor conditions, through the thin cirrus clouds. Nevertheless, the complex tail structure is well recorded on the H2O+ frame. Note, that colors on these images are false and were used in order to enhance the comet tail structure. Latest CCD image of comet Hyakutake, recorded in the light of singly-ionized water ions was taken on 1996 Mar. 19, with the 4.0/250mm lens and narrow-band H2O+ filter, centered at 620nm (FWHM=10nm). Exposure time was 5 minutes, starting at 2:07:19UT. The image FOV (field of view) is 163'x107'.

See also the same image, displayed as W-B negative.

Third image is a CCD image of comet Hyakutake, taken on 1996 Mar. 19, with the 4.0/250mm lens and dust continuum filter, centered at 647nm (FWHM=10nm). Exposure time was 3 minutes, starting at 2:38:34UT. The image FOV is 163'x87'.

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