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Crni Vrh Observatory Images of Comet 1996 B2 Hyakutake


crni2_s.gif84K crni3_s.gif83K
Observer: Herman Mikuz
Location: Crni Vrh Observatory, Slovenia
Date: February 27, 1996 03:48 UT, 03:55 UT

This 300s exposure of comet was taken on 1996 Feb. 27 with the 20-cm, f/2 Baker-Schmidt camera, V filter and ST-6 CCD. Exposure started at 3:47:36UT. There is large ellipsoidal coma ~20'x25' and ~1deg faint tail in PA ~290o. See also the 180s R-filter image, obtained at 3:54:47UT with the same instrumentation. It shows similar ~1o fan-like tail in PA ~270-290o. Very similar tail appearance on V and R exposures indicate it is most probable composed of dust particles, reflecting the sunlight.

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