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Crni Vrh Observatory Images of Comet 1996 B2 Hyakutake





Observer: Herman Mikuz
Location: Crni Vrh Observatory, Slovenia
Date: April 18, 1996 19:24-19:48 UT

Images taken on April 18, 1996

Some thin clouds were present over the NW horizon during the observing session. This results in somewhat worse quality of Apr. 18 images.

First image is a wide-field mosaic image of comet Hyakutake, taken on 1996 Apr. 18, with the 2.8/180mm lens, CCD and narrow-band H2O+ filter, centered at 620nm (FWHM=10nm). Three consecutive frames were taken between 19:24 and 19:52UT. Each frame was exposed for 5 minutes. The frame field of view is 9.9x1.9 deg.

Second image is a B-W negative of the previous image.

Third image is a wide-field image of comet Hyakutake, obtained on 1996 Apr. 18 with the 2.8/35mm lens, ST-6 CCD and V filter. Exposure time was 5 minutes, starting at 19:48UT. The frame field of view is 14x10deg.

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