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Club Eclipse Images of

Comet C/1996 B2 Hyakutake



Observers: B. Christophe, O. Dechambre, T. Midavaine, D. Silly, T. Zemmour
Location: Pic du Midi Observatory, France
Date: February 15, 1996 04:30-04:50 UT

These two images were made in an attempt to detect the asymmetry of the coma previously spoted by ESO astronomers

     The Club Eclipse ( Paris, France) is pleased to be able to bring his contribution to the survey of what he feels may be one of the most interesting comet in this century.

     The picture on top is the sum of height CCD frames ie a 600 sec total integration time. These were shot with a Hi-SIS 22 (KAF 400 chip, providing 12bit digitalising) at the primary Newton focus of the T60 telescope of the Pic du Midi (France). This telescope with a primary focal length of 84 inches (2.1 m) and a 24 inches ( 60 cm ) diameter is provided for amateur astronomers and managed by the Association T60 located in SW France. In an attempt to catch the outer coma, a 2*2 binning process vas used. Each original frame covers an area of 11'.2*7'.3, 384x256 pixels, 1.76 arcsec/pixel. The exposures were made without filter. The sky transparency was decent, some snow beeing flying all-around, and the seeing was no less than 2 to 4 arcsecs.

   While the image on top is but a sum, the eight original images were processed in order to let the asymmetrie of the coma appear on the lower image: they were enlarged eight times (ie 1 pixel becomming an 8*8 square). The UnsharpMask technique was used afterwards to enhance the image.

    We hope to be able soon to provide these images and others of the comet at its brightest magnitude with a renewed processing. But fo now, more images and informations about the Club Eclipse are already available on line.

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