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Fayetteville Images of Comet 1996 B2 Hyakutake


Copyright 1996 Fayetteville Observer-Times
Observer: Johnny Horne
Location: Stedman, North Carolina
Date: March 3, 1996: 10:00 UT, March 4, 1996 10:00 UT

The northward motion of Comet Hyakutake against the background stars is seen in two photographs of the same portion of the night sky taken 24 hours apart. The left photo was made at 5 a.m. EST on March 3; the right photo at 5 a.m. EST on March 4. Both photos were made with a 12.5 inch F/4 Newtonian reflector. Both are 10-minute exposures made on Fujicolor SG-800 film. [The March 4 image was made in strong moonlight]. Staff photo by Johnny Horne.

Copyright Fayetteville Observer-Times

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