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Harwood Images of Comet 1996 B2 Hyakutake



Observer: Andy Harwood
Location: Lake Michigan, Michigan
Date: March 23, 1996

I took these photographs on the morning of March 23 from the Lake Michigan shore near Pentwater. The roll of print film I shot came back poorly printed, but I selected the best pictures there were and made scans of them. By Monday or Tuesday I'll have my slides developed, which I expect will be of better quality. Not too bad for a first try though! More to come. -andy harwood (

TOP PHOTO:                              BOTTOM PHOTO:
FILM: Kodak Gold 1000                   FILM: Kodak Gold 1000
CAMERA: Olympus OM-1 on a stationary    CAMERA: Olympus OM-1 on a stationary
tripod                                  tripod
LENS: 50mm at F/1.8                     LENS: 50mm at F/1.8
EXPOSURE TIME: thirty seconds or so     EXPOSURE TIME: about five minutes

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