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Hatfield Images of Comet 1996 B2 Hyakutake




Observer: Bob Hatfield
Location: Santa Fe, New Mexico
Date: March 27, 1996 03:39-03:47 UT

I have taken yet more images of the comet from Santa Fe last night. The Comet has already shrunk from its incredible size of 3-25. The tail still extends more than 30 degrees with the naked eye however. These images were obtained with ST5 ccd at -33C through C11 @ f6.3 All exposures are 1 second.

First image was taken at 03:39UTC at low resolution (20x20 micron pixels). This image shows the "leading fan" shape of the comet. Second image was taken at 03:47UTC at high resolution (10x10 micron pixels). Second image is the same as the first image but the background and range numbers have been set to zero in on the interior of the comet. Third image is the same as the second image except it is in false color, to show the interior better.

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