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Hatfield Images of Comet 1996 B2 Hyakutake




Observer: Bob Hatfield
Location: Santa Fe, New Mexico
Date: March 27, 1996

I tried my hand at some conventional photography. The pictures were shot through nikon 8008 camera piggybacked on the c11 so I could guide on the comet. The specs for the pictures are:

First image was taken through 210mm f5.6 lens, approx. 10 min exp. using kodak 400 gold print film. The bright star to the left side of the comet is Polaris. Second image was taken through 35mm f3.5 lens, approx. 15 min. exp. using kodak 1000 royal gold film. Note that the tail extends to the bowl of the Big Dipper. Third Image was taken through 70mm f4.0 lens, approx 5 min. exp using 400 speed kodak gold film.

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