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Hatfield Images of Comet 1996 B2 Hyakutake







Observer: Bob Hatfield
Location: Bluewater Lake State Park, New Mexico
Date: April 16, 1996 02:30 - 03:03 UT

I took a combination of conventional and ccd images of Hyakutake on 4- 16-96 from about 7000 ft. at Bluewater lake state park near Grants NM. First image was taken through 800mm f10 lens at 03:00 utc on kodak 400 asa gold film. It is a 10 minute exposure tracked on the comet. Second image is a 5 minute exposure taken at 02:30 utc with 35mm f3.5 lens using same film. The ccd images were all taken through cg11 f6.3 telescope with st5 ccd at -25C. Third image is a 5 sec. exp taken at 03:03utc it shows leading "bar shape" of comet Fourth image is a 0.5 sec. exp. taken at 03:25utc it is false color to show interior. Fifth image is a 10x10=100 sec exp. taken at 03:19 utc Sixth is the same as hatf042 except false color.

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