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University of Hawaii Images of Comet 1996 B2 Hyakutake



Observer: Richard Wainscoat
Location: University of Hawaii
Date: March 16, 1996 UT

In all images, north is at the top, and east is at the left. March 16, 1996 (UT) R-band image of Comet Hyakutake from the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope using a 8192x8192 CCD camera, mounted at the prime focus. The field-of-view is approximately 0.5 degrees, with pixels of 0.206 arcsec. The image is presented here binned by a factor of 16. Exposure time was 5 seconds. The image was obtained by Richard Wainscoat. Second image is the central 2x2 arcminute region of the full image shown above. It shows greater detail in the nuclear region, and shows the tail extending into the nucleus. This image is binned by a factor of 2; each pixel shown is 0.41 arcseconds. The seeing was approximately 0.7 arcseconds.

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