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Keller/Schmidbauer Images of Comet 1996 B2 Hyakutake





Observers: Philipp Keller, Georg Schmidbauer
Location: ???
Date: March 24, 1996 21:42 UT - March 26, 1996 00:31 UT

We (Philipp Keller and Georg Schmidbauer) have taken them with a self- build Schmidtcamera with an aperture of 16" and 32" focal length on 4x5" film format (Technical Pan).

Here is the data:

1st Image      24.03.1996, 22h42m20s bis 22h50m20s
2nd Image      25.03.1996, 03h08m05s bis 03h17m00s
3rd Image      25.03.1996, 04h15m50s bis 04h25m50s
4th Image      26.03.1996, 01h31m48s bis 01h44m28s

The time is given in MEZ, which is UT + 1 hour.

Especially interesting is the development of the tail in the night 24/25 March.

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