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Kelly Images of Comet 1996 B2 Hyakutake



Observer: Al Kelly
Location: Friendsood, Texas
Date: March 21, 1996 05:37 UT, 05:45 UT

I had fun shooting Hyakutake with a 380mm lens (3" f5 refractor, actually) last night from my backyard here in Friendsood, Texas. I used my Cookbook 245 CCD camera in the 378 x 242 mode. The master FITS image is a 5-minute exposure, stacked from fifteen 20-second images, each calibrated by a master dark and a master flat-field image. The exposures were made over a 7.5-minute period on 3/21/96 from UT 05:37:20 to UT 05:44:50. West is up and north is to the left. These images you are separate conversions of the same master shows interesting isophotic structure in the cometary head, while the other is more "normal." The FOV is about one degree E-W and 0.8-degree N-S.

Al Kelly

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