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Knobloch Images of Comet 1996 B2 Hyakutake



Observer: Juergen Knobloch
Location: Jura Mountains, Switzerland
Date: March 24, 1996 23:00 UT, 21:30 UT

The pictures were taken between 11pm and 0:30am the next day local time (UT+1). Overview using a wide angle 28 mm lens 10 minutes exposure time on Fuji 400 ASA film. The relative position of the comet to the big dipper is nicely seen. With naked eye, the tail of the comet was as long as the dipper including handle. As an insert I show also a close-up taken with a 200mm lens. Second image tkane with a 50mm lens f/1.4 under similar conditions.

Juergen Knobloch

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