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Kopernik Image of Comet 1996 B2 Hyakutake


Observer: Jay Edwards
Location: Vestal, New York
Date: March 31, 1996 03:50 UT

This image is a track & accumulate of seven, sixty second exposures taken by the Kopernik Astronomical Society at the Kopernik Space Education Center in Vestal, NY using a .5 meter Richey-Chrieten and an ST-6 CCD on 03-31-96 at 03:50 UT (We believe you can see the fragmented nucleus).

Due to the comet's size we have been shooting it mainly using 50MM lenses, schmidt camera, etc. on print/slide film & will be digitizing these soon.

Jay Edwards, Prez., Kopernik Astronomical Society >

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