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Kopernik Images of Comet 1996 B2 Hyakutake



Observers: Jay Edwards, James Eggleston
Location: Vestal, New York
Date: March 12, 1996 06:28 UT, 10:04 UT

The first image is "track & accumulate" of 10 sixty second images at prime focus thru an 80MM Lumicon (f/3.75), and the second image is another "track & accumulate" of 5 sixty second images at prime focus thru a 20 inch Ritchey-Chretien (f/8.1). Both were done using an ST-6 CCD (the date & time & some of the info above is within some text we placed on the images). The observers at the time were my friend James Eggleston & I (although several of my society's members will be imaging this comet over the next several weeks). The only processing we did to the images was to apply a gamma of 2 & increase the contrast by 15% & the brightness by 10% (all using Paint Shop Pro).

Jay Edwards, Pres., Kopernik Astronomical Society

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