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Lane Images of Comet 1996 B2 Hyakutake



Observer: David Lane
Location: Maktomkus Observatory, Avonport, Nova Scotia
Date: March 14, 1996 05:15 UT

David J. Lane
Saint Mary's University, Astronomy and Physics

An image of Comet Hyakutake taken on the night of March 14 (~0515hUT) with a 4" f/5 Tele-Vue Genesis refractor for 8 minutes using Kodak Royal Gold 1000 print film.

Its probably not really green, but rather an artifact caused by the "1 Hour Photo" developer. A negative b/w image is also here. On the original print (which is larger than the field shown above), the tail extends for about 3 degrees. This image was taken at Maktomkus Observatory, Avonport, Nova Scotia

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