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DeMarquette Image of Comet 1996 B2 Hyakutake


Copyright 1996 Michale DeMarquette
Observers: Michael DeMarquette, Gregg Thompson
Location: Mt. Pino, California
Date: April 14, 1996 04:55 UT

This photo is a picture of Comet Hyakutake taken by Michael DeMarquette accompanied by Gregg Thompson of Culver City, CA. Was taken at Mt. Pino's, CA. on April 13, 1996 at 8:55pm PST. It was taken with a Minolta X-700, 50mm lens @ f/2.0, time for exposure was 1min, film used was Kodak Royal Gold 1000 asa. Tracking device was a homemade straight bolt equatorial mount on tripod. My thanks to Ron Baalke for getting these pics on-line and Gregg Thompson for fighting the chill in the air.

mike de marquette

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