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Misato Observatory Image of Comet 1996 B2 Hyakutake


Observer: M. Sakamoto, Masami Okyudo
Location: Misato Observatory, Japan
Date: February 28, 1996 18:44 UT

Telescope:             1.05-m telescope of Misato Observatory
Date of observation:   18h44m, Feb. 28, 1996 (UT)
Instrument:            AstroCam LN2 cooled CCD camera (1242 x 1152 pixels)
Filter:                R-band
Focal ratio:           F/7.6
Exposure:              2 minutes x 4 frames
Observer:              M. Sakamoto & M. Okyudo

Credit:                Misato Observatory of Misato-town
Address:               Misato-town, Wakayama-Pref., Japan

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