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Nakamoto Images of Comet 1996 B2 Hyakutake


Observer: David Nakamoto
Location: Griffith Observtory, California
Date: March 28, 1996 05:00 UT

This set of images of Comet Hyakutake (1996B2) were taken by David Nakamoto from Griffith Observatory, located in Los Angeles, using Celestron C5 f/10 telescope and a cookbook 211 CCD camera operating at the telescope's prime focus. The 15 second image was taken on March 27th 1996 at approximately 21:00 PST.

The set shows four different views of the same image. The upper left image is a negative of the original using an unsharp mask to help bring out details. The other three used a gradient filter to transform the upper left image into pseudo 3D, using the assumption that the darker the pixel in the original the higher the supposed elevation. The illumination angle was changed between the three images to help bring out details.

Compared to the March 24 image, this one show two things different from the earlier image. The tail appears a bit fainter and less elongated and pronounced than on March 23rd. The greatest different is on the Sunward side of the comet (towards the lower left side). There is considerably more structure here than seen on March 23rd, with the inner coma displaying far less evenness and symmetry.

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