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Mr. Hyakutake Coming to Chicago


Hello everyone,
And how not to be enthusiastic about this comet. There is more excitement coming for Chicagoland inhibitants. On March 31st from 12noon to 2pm Mr. Hyakutake will be at the Adler's Planetarium in downtown Chicago to sign autographs on the comet poster for the public. March 28th he will receive a honorary Chicago citizenship according to the Chicago Tribune "At first he was reluctant to come because he was intimidated by all the attention, then he realized this is a chance to celebrate the discovery of his comet". The Planetarium also is previewing its new show about Comets throughout history. I am planning to attend and will write you some more about this event later. Thank you all for the very interesting responses to my last posting. Enjoy Spring and the Comet.

Dudka Marek

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